Your business. Our global perspective.

Your business.
Our global perspective.

Eye for Image is a strategic and creative B2B communications agency.

Based in a sprawling business apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a diverse, highly experienced team of strategists, designers, digital marketers, writers and other content creators from a variety of countries around the world.

We help companies connect with the new breed of B2B buyers – but not by using propaganda-style marketing that people never really trusted anyway. Our strategic approach helps build your credibility across multiple media channels with engaging, useful content.

Get in touch to find out how our Three Voices™ strategy can help your company become a thought leader and key influencer in your industry.



New release

The Death of Propaganda

B2B buyer behavior has changed – now it’s your turn

by Jonathan Winch, Michael Best and David Hoskin

A compelling read for B2B strategists and marketers

B2B buyers have changed the way they evaluate and purchase goods and services—yet most B2B suppliers still approach their markets with hyped-up, propaganda-like messages. The challenge now is for such companies to move from spouting propaganda to establishing credibility. Learn more more arrow

Available in print and digital edition.
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